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How We Began

Founded in March 2009 as St Louis Home Retention Group, Steve Scallorn used his extensive knowledge and experience in the Wholesale and Retail Mortgage Industry (since 1998) to form a company solely for the purpose of helping St Louis area homeowners keep their homes.

The 2008/2009 Housing Bubble and Financial Crisis left many in the nation with financial hardships causing homeowners to fall behind on their mortgage payments.

Together with his staff his office helped thousands of area homeowners not only fight back foreclosure but also help them reduce their mortgage payments and allowed them to keep their homes during the Great Recession and the largest number of foreclosures in recent history.

The company’s efforts over the years have earned them an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Steve’s extensive knowledge in the industry and his expertise utilizing Loss Mitigation options that the US Government and their lenders had in place made a huge difference in St. Louis.


Today Steve Scallorn is putting his knowledge and experience as a Mortgage Expert to work at his new company, St Louis Home Mortgage and Retention Services.  The primary focus continues to be helping St. Louis area people find the Right Mortgage for You, Right Now.

No one in St. Louis knows more about the mortgage businesses’ internal operations and practices and now you can put all of that knowledge and experience to work for you.

When you look at what the team at St Louis Home Mortgage and Retention has to offer you, there is really no reason to look anywhere else.

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