St. Louis Home Mortgage and Retention Testimonials

St. Louis Home Mortgage and Retention Testimonials 2017-05-10T21:13:16-05:00

John and Karen K. | Lake St. Louis, MO

I first used the services at St Louis Home Mortgage and Retention in 2008. They handled everything very professionally and were extremely helpful.

I have since returned to them again for my most recent financial needs and once again they proved to be very knowledgeable and cared for my specific needs. Things again went smoothly and we closed in just a couple weeks. Not only would I not go anywhere else but I would recommend them to anyone who was looking for not only the right mortgage, but also any and all of the answers you are looking for.

Edward and Denise S. | High Ridge, MO

My wife and I first contacted Steve at his company in 2009. He provided us with the options and answers and ultimately the program that really saved us. We have since used him again in 2016 to refinance our home. He not only remembered us, but he took the time to evaluate all of our specific needs and then give us our options. He took the time to explain what the benefits were for each of those options. We chose our best option and then we closed the loan. My wife and I will never go anywhere else for our mortgage needs and we have told everyone we know that the experience we had with his company was second to none.

Dale and Julie S. | Fenton, MO

My wife and I were referred to St Louis Home Mortgage and Retention Services by a friend of ours who had previously used his company. They had many kind words and said that they had never felt more comfortable. They said that he had not only had assured them how everything would pass but also explained every step and answered every question and then most importantly produced outstanding results. We decided we would give them a try and are we ever glad we did. Steve and his company exceeded every expectation we had and produced fantastic results. We gave our friend who had referred us to him a bottle of wine just for putting us in touch with him.

Ernest and Elicia E. | Creve Coeur, MO

Steve and his company have helped my family achieve financial freedom. We went to him first in 2010. He worked miracles for us then, and we have been back to him twice more since then. It may sound silly to say but we are so grateful for how they have changed our lives since working with them. They are just great people and truly committed to their work.

John and Martha M. | Wentzville, MO

When I first met Steve I had been denied for a mortgage countless times. Some of the mortgage banks I was trying to work with wouldn’t even return my calls. I met with Steve and he told me how I could get my purchase accomplished. My wife and I decided we were going to use him if for no other reason than he seemed more knowledgeable and cared about us. Low and behold 1 month later we were closing on the new home purchase when we had nearly given up all hope. There is no one better, more knowledgeable, more helpful or more committed than Steve and his staff at St Louis Hone Mortgage and Retention Services.

Cynthia and Gary B. | Florissant, MO

My husband and I contacted Steve the first time in 2014. Although he could not help us at that time, he did give us a plan to get to where we needed to be. Sure enough we followed his instructions and just like he said he would, he helped to put us in much better place than we ever thought we could have been. We call his office now and then just to stay informed as to what other options may be available next. Our experience was second to none.

Mary T. | Ballwin, MO

When I contacted Steve the first time he immediately put me at ease and explained everything I needed to know in such a manner that when I left, I felt like I was much more informed and smarter than I had been before I walked into his office. I found that being educated about everything took a lot of the fear away. I was able to relax for the first time in a long time and within weeks my mortgage was finished and I was amazed at how painless and comfortable it all was. His company is different than any other. He still believes that his work and his results are his word. I would advise anyone who is getting any kind of a mortgage to look nowhere else.

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